Kya Bolta Market

Founders / Promoters

kyaboltamarket is a brainchild of Gaurav Ranade from Nagpur. Having gained experience from some of the top brokerage firms of Mumbai, he had the vision to spread his expertise in the Financial world to one and all. Starting off his career as a technical analyst, Gaurav has gained experience in Equity sales, Wealth Management and Advisory services amongst others in the Financial capital while still maintaining his roots in the Technical analysis space. He also realized that timing of investment/trading decisions is one of the most difficult aspect of trading and in order to optimize entry/exit, one has to maintain utmost discipline. He also realized that investor psychology plays a very important part in shaping the future course of action in the Financial world. Analysis of market psychology too thus becomes an important ingredient in the overall decision making mechanism.

While Gaurav believes that charts show a holistic picture of the markets, he is a proponent of the dow theory and the Elliott Wave theory which have been developed and fortified over the years for tracing the probable future outcomes in the Financial Markets. Using these theories along with the use of oscillators, indicators and patterns, Gaurav and his team look to grab trading and investment opportunities in the dynamic world of Financial Markets. With kyaboltamarket, Gaurav and his team aim to set standards for quality technical analysis products and making it available to anyone and everyone. The team also believes in imparting the knowledge gained by them over the years by educating anyone who is interested in the field of technical analysis and thus building a new breed of educated and informed investor or trader.