Kya Bolta Market

Our Vision

We plan to bring to you a host of products and services that will enable you to become a better trader/investor. While we will be providing a host of Free research reports, we also look forward to cater to the needs of individual investors and brokerages.

At kyaboltamarket Café we intent to bring to you our view on indices, Stocks, Commodities, Currencies etc free of cost. These Free products can be very informative for Traders/investors/seekers of knowledge of technical analysis. Our Q&A section will also enable traders/investors to post queries. A few selected queries will be answered by our research desk everyday. We also welcome your insights on the markets and would be posting a few selected articles every week on the web.

At kyaboltamarket Aristocrat (paid service), we intend to provide to you services based upon your needs. If you are a trader/investor looking for solid recommendations, our products might be just what you need. Based on technical Analysis, we have products designed to cover Index futures/stock futures/intraday/positional/Cash the segment calls/stock and index options (SMS Based service). For the specific set of traders who are there for the long run, we have our system based products where we offer you recommendations based on algo based trading systems (algorithm) in Nifty.

At kyaboltamarket Conclave (paid Service), we intend to educate market enthusiasts on Technical Analysis via workshops which can be held anywhere in India. The conclave can be organized on any weekend and would require minimum 10 and maximum 20 participants. Topics will be basics of technical analysis, Derivatives and how to combine both for making healthy profits or Elliott Wave theory and market timing which is an advanced course in technical analysis.