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All About Nifty: Market Footprint is the daily doze of Technical Analysis that we intend to give you so that you can start your trading day ahead of others. We will be giving you our brief view of the market and would also give you two stock trading ideas for the day (one short idea and one long idea). You can also download a PDF file of the document in case you intend to read the complete report. On the last trading session of every week, the report will also contain an additional one-page report for next week’s likely direction of the Nifty.

Stock Specific: Time to time, we will be updating reports on stocks or sectors in this section with an intention of enriching the intra-day traders, positional traders or investors with an in-depth technical view.  A typical stock specific report will contain a clear view on the stock for a particular time-frame with recommendations on entry levels, target and stop losses for timing your trade in a better way.

Global Market Trends: With the extreme volatility in the global market place, it becomes very important to understand their inherent trend. American, European and to a lesser extent the other Asian markets tend to impact trading in our markets as well from time to time. While a trader would not mind small corrections or up-moves in the global markets, a sharp sell-off, rally or a trend change has its own effects on our markets as well. We will thus be looking to catch the pulse of these major global indices in order to better assess our own markets with the help of other variables.

Commodities: Gold, Silver, Crude and base metals have always attracted investors and traders alike. These globally traded commodities are also indicative of liquidity, flight to safety (gold & silver), major up-turns, down-turns in the Equity markets (Base Metals) and even Global tensions (Gold & Crude). This section will be devoted to these globally traded commodities and to analyze their short/intermediate term trend and also to analyze their impact on equity markets (if any).

Currencies: The best indicator of liquidity in the global markets is currencies. Trends keep changing in currency markets and one has to keep an eye on it in order to take prudent financial decisions. From Yen carry trade to Dollar carry trade, the forex markets changes its shape very swiftly. In this section, while we will be analyzing the rupee vis-a-vis the other major currencies, we will also try to give you a technical view on the other important happenings in the dynamic world of currencies.