Kya Bolta Market



With KyaBoltaMarket Conclave, we intend to impart the knowledge of technical analysis anywhere in India. This workshop is idea for:

  • Students of Technical Analysis.
  • Traders/investors who want to hone their skills in order to become better money managers.
  • Traders who want to add these skills to their repertoire in order to time the markets better.
  • Traders who intend to optimize their skill of using derivatives with knowledge of technical analysis to maximize their profits.
  • Stock Brokers who want to educate their sales teams on basics of technical Analysis.
  • All those with knowledge of technical analysis who want to take the next step ahead and understand the very interesting elliottwave theory and its applications for stock market predictions.

KBM Conclave can be held anywhere in India on any weekends suitable to the workshop conductors and participants. Minimum participation should be of 10 persons and maximum 20 persons. Workshop fees till 10 people : Rs. 40000 (4000/head), 3000/head extra for every candidate thereafter (20 max)

Course Structure:

  • Basics of Derivatives (Saturday 10 A.m – 1 P.M) with emphasis on:
    • Futures
    • Options
    • Option Payoff
  • Technical Analysis (Saturday 2 PM – Saturday 6 PM, SUNDAY 9:30-4:30)
  • Basics of Trends, types of charting
  • Patterns, Structures
  • Oscillators
  • Basics of Elliottwave theory
  • Application of TA in trading with derivatives
  • Q&A (1hr)


We also conduct advanced course in Technical Analysis on Elliott Wave theory, algo trading and timing of markets. For the same prior knowledge of basics of technical analysis is must. (CALL FOR DETAILS ON ADVANCED COURSE). For the basic course we will require a projector and a place for workshop to be arranged by the candidates. Notes will be provided by us in the form of booklet. For Nagpur and nearby areas, only a place is required to be arranged by the candidates.